WORKPLACE + Essential Oils


Start where you WORK!

You know there is a place for essential oils in your workplace or professional career.  You just need some support to get started in setting them up and educating others on why essential  oils can support your work and professional setting.

You might want to start by using the essential oils in your home first but if you feel you want to focus on your workplace as this is a priority for you then let's review the needs of your work environment and/or your clients.

So what can you do to get started: 

  • To review the needs of your workspace and clients, we will need to chat and review what is the best options to get you started.  You can do this by setting up a time with me.  
  • if you want to get started right now and you know what you would like to use.  You can look at the steps to order the essential oils for you and we will connect after to follow up on your plan