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~ Welcome to my new home for Technology & Tools for kids ~


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As an Occupational Therapist



If you are a parent and you are looking for ways technology and tools can support your child in terms of their learning and life skills.

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Susan’s Strategy Sessions are beyond words! We have been seeing Susan for our daughter and she has helped more than words can say. It makes my heart burst when my daughter wants to grab her iPad and read to me. She is gaining confidence and knows it’s okay to learn differently and to use her voice and let others know she is smart, she just learns differently.


Occupational Therapists

If you’re an Occupational Therapist looking for a course to support you.

I have courses for you to review online when it fits your schedule. You will learn how to use technology to assess and develop skills.

I have 2 Online Courses for you to get started

iPads at School and Click to School Success.

Though I always felt that that the iPad could be used as an OT tool, I now feel I see it as one. I feel I have the “theory’ and the OT thought process when using the tool now which I did not feel I had before hand. I am also attaching the use of the iPad to OT goals and not just as a recommendation