STRATEGY SESSION Steps and information

I’m honoured to work with you (and your child).

We just have a few steps to complete to help us work together.

First, complete the form below before our first session. Then take a look at the Zoom video I have available to learn how to use the video conferencing platform I use with clients. And finally, I have an invoicing process listed below.


  1. Initial Intake Form

The Initial Strategy Session Form will offer me the consent I need to start my session with you or your child and to ensure I have any additional details needed before I begin.

Your Name *
Your Name
Address *
Phone Number *
Phone Number
I offer my consent for Susan Schenk OT Reg. (Ont) to review and provide Occupational Therapy consultation services through her Strategy Sessions * *
Are you the primary caregiver of your child? I need to know that you have custody of your child so I can move forward with you. Please indicate below: *
Does your child have a formal diagnosis? *
Please identify any professional supports or services.
Do you want to share any documents before or after the initial strategy session - please indicate what you'd like to share below:

2. Strategy Session Calls

We will be using a platform called Zoom.

It will allow me to share my screen if needed and to talk in a more secure setting.

I will send you an email with the link to Zoom the morning of our Strategy Session.

3. Invoices

Invoices will be offered at the end of our paid time together (either one or three sessions). One invoice will document each session by date.

You can then submit this to your insurance company.

If you need other arrangements for invoicing - please let me know.