What'S is it ABOUT?

It's about taking the doTERRA products and focusing on how to be the best version of YOU and then applying this to your personal brand around doTERRA and the business you've always wanted to set up.

You can step into the dream of having your own business without the risk -- and ALL the support. 



Get access to other groups and programs to ensure you are focusing on YOUR health and lifestyle.

You get to focus on YOUR health while building your business.  You help build your personal brand on the foundation of promoting an overall healthy lifestyle -- which draws people to YOU. (.. and all aspects of your life)


Receive mentoring calls with me. 

You get support from a mentor without the coaching 'price-tag'. (this was a big one for me....mentoring support from the heart.  


Receive access to videos and templates to follow to get your started on your doTERRA journey.

You will develop business skills while working through the doTERRA's Share Success Approach which allows you to master these skills to use in other areas of your business.




Essential oils use for physical and mental health

Essential oils for household use and eliminate toxins in your home 

Supplements for Health 

Spa products for Self Care

Focus on Self Care to Spearhead your Business




Learn about the doTERRA Business after using the products and gaining experience with them

Learn how to work with others to review how doTERRA products will support their health and the health of their families


You can step into the dream of having your own business without the risk -- and ALL the support. 


Lifestyle + Health Focus

Business Skills



A place... where you can step into a new way of working

a new way of learning

a new way of being

a lifestyle and business combined.

Here you will work on your mindset and stop thinking... 

You’re too young.

You’re too old.

You’re too __________ (fill in the blank)

It’s simply not true.

You have too much to offer and now you can have the support to make your dreams come true.

Let’s work together to make a NEW kind of life for you.