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You are ready to create a NEW lifestyle and career!

I'm so glad. This is the perfect time to start.


It's comes down to owning the best version of YOU by first focusing on a new mindset and then the career and lifestyle part comes along with this change in YOU.  (trust me)


When you become part of my Invincible Biz, you'll create a new you by learning how to incorporate YOU into the business you've always wanted... while minimizing some of the financial risks by learning how to manage your website and business for yourself - while getting ALL the support you need along the way!  







You get to focus on YOUR BRAND while building out the flow of your website.  We will work on your personal brand -- which draws people to YOU (… and all aspects of your business)

In this Stage of our work, we will talk about your work and where you are heading. What you are wanting to focus on right now. We will look at images and building out a branding board.

From there a flow to your website will be set - along with some basic images (that can be replaced later as your brand and biz builds)

This is a journey and you can start it now!

  • Branding Board (together)

  • Flow of your work (together)

  • Basic Template of a Squarespace Website (viewed with a password)

  • The Website is moved over to you for ownership

Your investment $500.00




Now you’re ready to work more on your site. We will review how to manage your Squarespace site. So you can make the changes you want…when you want them!

That is powerful stuff right there!!

Complete control of your site and how YOU want it.

Your business is ever changing and you have to be ready to make these changes on your site ..and now you can.

You will learn how to add copy to your site, images, and videos.

  • You will receive 1:1 review of your site and How-tos.

  • You will receive access to my favourite image sites

  • How to add in a blog

  • You will get your URL and make your site live!!

Your investment $700.00

Add in:

How to create your own logo and social media posts with ease.





You need support to make changes to your site.

You want to add in a blog and how to set this up to share on your social media.

You need ongoing support to keep your business going and would like a mentor to review your goals and focus.

Receive mentoring calls with me by video conference calls or phone or face to face at my home office.

You want to know how you start your first book - what strategies can you use.

Your Investment $250.00 (per hr)

Add in:

Create 13-15 images for my social media - instagram/fb/twitter




I thought my life and business were separate parts of me.

I worked alone and I worked hard. But when my health hit bottom and my business was put on hold.  I knew I could no longer separate my business from my life ...and I could no longer do it alone.  

Beyond Ok is about my life and the choices I make to make my life better.

And one of these choices is helping others along this journey of business. So you don't have to do this alone because we are more powerful together. As requests came in for my business support and mentoring, I decided it was time to open my doors to others to support others with the skills and experiences I have gains in my business journey. I want to empower you, so you can gain confidence in your life, brand and business! 

Ready to do this!

This is where our journey begins...  let's do this together!
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