Hi I'm Susan.  I'm a Mom of three, an Occupational Therapist of many years, the CEO of Technology & Tools for kids (where I work with parents and OTs), and a learning advocate and founder of Shift Your Thinking LD Movement.


The Mom Story

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When you become a Mom, nothing can prepare you for the new world you are about to take on.  This Mom world taps into parts of you, you never thought you had.  As a Mom, I have grown more as a person than any other role in my life.  And it's because of this role that I'm here today to help other Moms support their children's learning and more importantly -- maintain their self esteem and allow them to be who they are meant to be.  Mom's have a powerful role to play.  I know we don't always feel powerful but we are still stepping up to this position -- that's why you are invincible!

The Biz Story

technology & tools for kids

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I worked as an Occupational Therapist in the school setting for 20 years.  I watched and I learned -- I looked at skills and how learning was viewed and what seemed to be missing when it came to supporting kids that were learning differently.  I had the passion which came from my own learning experiences.  My business was born! I stepped out to help parents through my strategy sessions -- and soon found myself supporting OTs as well.  I was thrilled but not done yet.  I had a book to write -- a story to tell!  And I did that too! 


The Mission

shift your thinking LD

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My mission is this - To change how we view and support learning differences! I am passionate about learning differences because I understand them.  I understand that the way I think -- is the way I am suppose to think!  I want others to feel this way to and understand how they learn.  When you understand how you learn and what works for you-- you can have a voice for what you need and the self esteem to decide what you want to do with your life! So let's shift our way of thinking about learning differences...ok!