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I feel in love with technology and other ways to support learning (as I could see the power of using these devices to support learning differences)

I created my own business to help parents and train OTs (Technology & Tools for Kids) and then my journey continued with my book Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible.

I don't like writing but find myself writing every single day (so maybe it's time to stop saying that) 

I self published my book BEYOND OK FROM INVISIBLE TO INVINCIBLE (about my learning difference and how we needed to change how we viewed this way of learning).

I co-founded a nonprofit organization. (Shift Your Thinking LD - for learning differences and no I didn't see that one coming

and finally and most importantly... 

I'm a wife. (my husband and I grew up together

I'm a Mama to three awesome kids.(yes they reaally are! Aren’t they cute —-> btw they are all taller than me now!)

and ...

I'm determined and passionate about helping others through my experiences and journeys

(such as YOU).


I'm a small town girl (still am). 

I grew up on a 250 acre farm 

I rode my horse bare-back and without a bridle (risk taker from an early age).

I tend to laugh loud and I cry easily (maybe that's a sign of a passionate person?)

I like sugar a little too much  (but I'm gonna change this...this year..really I am!!!)

I loved track and field and running (not really school at this time). 

I was a fall fair queen (don't judge me) 

I completed a diploma in fitness (discovered my way of learning here) 

Then I completed a degree in Occupational Therapy (helping kids get things done!)

I worked 20+ years as an OT in the school + community (don't try to figure out how old I am - I will tell you)