Why journal your Mom experiences?

Why journal your Mom experiences?

As a Mom, you know that helping your child to learn in a way that fits them is not an easy task -- or honestly, you wouldn’t be here.  

And I can only say this because I’ve been there too!  

I know it can be hard to figure out what your child needs -- and it can be a lonely road when the answers are not clear.

There are so many conflicting messages out there and different professionals telling you different facts that it can make your head spin with overwhelm.   

But a great way to get clear on your next steps is to write.  

Start with these questions:

What does my child need support with right now?

write it down

What do YOU think the biggest priority is for them (not based on what others tell you)? 

write it down

What are the emotions you and your child experience?  

write it down 

What do you love about your child?

write it down

Write all the details.  

Not just the details you tell a person that might ask what's been happening or why are you concerned about your child's learning. But all parts... whatever comes to mind.  It's important.  

Journalling and having the right questions in front of you can offer you insight into what to do next.  

You might be thinking, I just need to know what to DO -- not writing down or journaling my experiences or thoughts.  

But this step is powerful and can help you figure out the path you need to take with your child and even more importantly allow you to experience any emotions you need to deal with before you can move ahead and really support your child.

To help you work through your experiences, you can read what my journey has been, you can answer questions that were in my head, so you can move through the maze of facts and emotions to get clear on what to do next to support your child, and understand what learning differences look like You can do this with the Invincible Mama Program.  

It's a great fit for your summer activities.  Print off the workbooks and write down your thoughts and what you see your child doing.  

Summer is a great time to reflect and get ready for the next school year. 


Susan SchenkComment