How do you picture your child's future?

When you see your child, how to you 'picture' their future?  

Do you have positive images of them and what they can bring to the world or do you have images of struggle and failure? 

As a Mom, we are just like entrepreneurs envisioning the future of our business, but this time it's the future of our children.   The ability to envision a positive future for our children and speak out what they can do is a powerful thing and we may not even realize that this is SO needed! 

What we envision is what we move towards, through our words and our actions.  

So if we envision a negative future for our children, we will unconsciously move towards this and speak out this type of future to our kids.  As a Mom, our 'vision' can become our child's 'vision' of themselves.  

It will take time, planning and a whole lot of effort to support your child to move towards this vision.  But here's the thing, if you don't have this vision, you can't help your child move towards it!  

As I was reading about the power of having a vision for my business, I couldn't help but realize how important this was for Mom's when it comes to their children.  I remember times when I had to stop and change how I was envisioning my child's future because I was basing it on the present struggles.  I had to step back and really look at my child and  see everything wonderful about them and hold onto that.  I had to then speak that out to them so they could see that this struggle as 'temporary' and that they would succeed at school ...and life in general.  

If you are in the middle of a 'struggle' with your child right now, you know this is not always an easy thing to do.  When you are struggling to get your child to school, or their skills are not at the level they are 'suppose to be at', or you are dealing with other issues that can be related to learning such as behaviours, it's easy to lose 'heart' and start to envision a negative future. I want you to know I have been there,  but you have the ability to use your mind to change how you see your child and their future. 

Here's how you can start to envision your child's future today:

1. Remove the 'struggle' from your mind (learning issues, anxiety, behaviour, etc) and picture a time when the struggle was not there and envision a happy time with your child. What comes to mind when you picture this?  Do you see and hear their laughter and sense of humour, or their physical abilities to run and climb, or their fearless approach to life or their ability to care for others! 

2. Now picture them in the future.  Remember that smile, those strengths and envision them older and succeeding at school and life.  Remember, success can have different definitions, don't limit success by comparing your child to others. 

3. Ask yourself what they are good at and add that into your vision for your child.  If they are athletic, envision a very strong and athletic person with so many abilities to bring to the world. If they are great at organizing or design, add this to the vision.  If it helps, look for an image of a young adult that looks like your child and keep that image to refer to. 

4. Now, take this vision and speak it out in words to your child such as,  "I can see you designing rooms or houses -- you have a natural ability to see the beauty in any space."  "I can see you as a leader in business, you naturally motivate others and they are drawn to you when you play sports."  "I can see you helping others, you don't like to see injustice and you stand up and speak out for them." If you are using actual images, you can show the image to your child as you tell them what you envision for them! 

5. Finally, you must say to yourself:

The struggle may be now, but it's not their future.  

As a Mom, you have the ability to envision a positive future and speak this out to your child.  You can offer your child hope and empower them to see their own strengths.

Summer can be a good time to revisit this vision, as your child has time away from the usual routines of school.  Use this time to envision a positive future for them and then help them move towards it!  




Susan SchenkComment