The Not So Confident Mom

the not so confident mom

Parenting.  It's hard work. And there are times you wonder how you 'qualified' for the job!

There were (and are) many times I did not feel confident as a Mom when I had to make decisions around how I was gonna support them -- particularly when it comes to their learning.

I even had some “insider” knowledge, as I had worked as an Occupational Therapist in the school setting for a number of years and I still doubted my approach at the time!  

I knew I could look at skill development with my professional training.  

I knew what supports were (and were not) available to help my children.

I had all this knowledge, yet I had to walk a path that did not seem to be clear.  It didn't seem to make sense...why was this path unclear??? 

The answer.

I was supporting my kids in a way I had not seen before. And I knew if I was walking this path with some uncertainty than other Moms were as well.  

I have now walked this path for years and I’m clear on where I’m going and what I can offer others. But it wasn't easy and honestly I'm not done yet!

But I'm here because I don't want other Moms (or Dads) to feel this lack of confidence or uncertainty that I experienced. 

I want YOU to

  • feel you can empower your child.
  • have the support I didn’t have as a Mom.  
  • have access to my years of experience as a parent and professional.  

So YOU can support your child:

  • to feel empowered to learn and develop skills in a way that fits them.  
  • to allow them to see all their learning abilities.  
  • to allow them to see all the different possibilities in their future and to keep their self-esteem and confidence intact.

How can I do this?  

A few ways... you can access my Invincible Mama Program which offers Videos and Workbooks to help you work through the steps to supporting your child which is a great fit for the summer. (And the program will line up with what I'm doing as a Professional when you feel the time is right).  

But you can also jump into direct support from me with my Strategy Sessions.  

So if you are not feeling very confident -- that's okay -- it's part of the journey.  Just know you don't have to do this alone.  


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