Learning Differences: the physical and emotional needs of your child

Looking at your child's physical and emotional needs when it comes to learning differences

When I started writing my book, I wrote it to figure out what my learning journey was. 

Denial was a wonderful thing and it stopped me from seeing what had happening during the school years but when the pen hit the paper that world was opened up.  I couldn't deny what I had experienced. 

But not only did I write about my learning differences.  I wrote about my physical health and my bodies respond to the ongoing demands.

I now know I was in a constant state of 'flight or fight'.  I wasn't a fighter so I became the hidden person or when possible the 'flight' person. 

Fear was there all the time in the shape of dread. 

My first chapter covers the dread of school (if you wanna read it click here) but as I read my own chapters again I realized that the physical symptoms were a result of this response. 

It was over this time, I realize that learning differently is also about dealing with stresses as a child -- and of course, the stresses as a parent, particularly if you are supporting your children through a similar journey to your own. 

We can't ignore the physical and emotional needs of your children that learn differently.  But at the time I was working through this -- no one highlighted this for me. 

I did what I could to support my children but if I had someone tell me that all this pieces go together - it would have gave me some insight and confidence to move forward.

So if you are here wondering what you can do or if this is even a thing that needs to be addressed?!? I'm here to say, it is.  You will be supporting not only your child's learning but also their emotional and physical needs based on what they are called to do each day.

So what can you do to support your child and YOU? (as parents are also needing this care as well) 

Well today, I'm offering you a tool that can support many areas of your life.  It's only been the last 6 months that I've come across this support but I would have loved to have had this for my children when they were younger. (and honestly, for me as well) 

When I think about the steps I took to support my kids - I can picture what I would do to add the essential oils into our day. 

First, the morning transition would need something that is energizing and awakening. The diffuser with peppermint, lemon and wild orange. (this I use in my office -- it's called Happy) 

If anxiety was present in the morning offering balance and citrus bliss - either by diffusing in their room or roll on their feet.

I would use a similar blend when coming home - something calming like wild orange and lemon.  Time to be quiet and if need be offer a time to just sit with my kids and hold them (as this is what I did to help them through the feelings they had from the day)

For homework, I would ask them what they wanted to use to diffuse or place on their feet to focus.  Kids are great at sensing what they need through their smell.  Intune offers a warm sensation on your feet to help with focus (I've used it - with great results)

And finally, Onguard to help boost their immunity as they are working so hard to show others what they know. 

How is this different from what I do now?  Actually.  Not too different.  

I use peppermint in the morning in my bedroom which reaches all the bedrooms for the morning sleepy heads.  

I use wild orange and lemon in the kitchen for a calm transition for breakfast. 

My kids use onguard at bedtime to help keep their immunity up and at times lavender to support their sleep. 

I haven't tried the homework blends or oils as I'm at the place where they are doing well starting and completing most of their work with minimal support (yes that day will come - trust me) but it's still something I should try to see what the results are. 

Finally, I offered them probiotics, vitamins/supplements to help them get through their day and support their gut health which is SO needed for brain function,  And I can't forget one of the most important supports -- touch! Holding or hugging your child (no matter what age they are) brings down their stress levels. (read a study here) but when they experience physical discomforts such as tummy troubles, coughs/colds, or muscles aches, I would reach for other essential oils (as I do now) such as Zengest, Breathe and Deep blue. 

NOW - what is need for YOU?  

We will cover that next. 


P.S. If you are want to know more about how the doTERRA essential oils to  support you at home - you can by connecting with me by phone, watch a video or if you know this is the right fit for you -- you can visit my Invincible YOU page where you can go through the steps to get these oils into your hands and  be part of my 30 minute wellness consult and my Invincible YOU Facebook Page. 

It's time to address all the needs your child has (and you do too) 

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