Where did I go? Well....to Shift Your Thinking LD

Susan Schenk at Shift Your Thinking

You might have noticed I've been away BUT not really.  I'm just over at Shift Your Thinking LD quite a bit lately as I want to create another way for parents (and professionals) to get the support they need AND to maybe shift how we are viewing and approaching learning differences such as dyslexia, LD's, and ADHD. 

The neat thing is I can create talks and workshops based on the needs of the community.

What are they looking for? What do they need more insight into?  

accommodations and modifications

So during our Summit this May I talked about Accommodations and Modifications (which in now free to watch here) I also talked about Why Technology is not Cheating -- this workshop turned into a talk but it was great -- people were getting ah-ha moments as we worked through how kids learn differently and why technology can support them!! 

If you want to watch my talks and workshops from Nov 2016 and this May 2017 you can with the Video Packages that were created. 

Come join me at the Shift Your Thinking LD Facebook group as well.  Let's build a community that looks at Learning Differences in a positive, innovative and supportive way. 

I'm not leaving. Don't worry.  But if it's quiet here....go to Shift Your Thinking or Technology & Tools for kids to see what I'm up to.

Oh, and by-the-way, at Technology & Tools for kids, I'm working on a new Summer Strategy Sessions Package right now - it's a combination of a few packages - so you can get the support you need over the next few weeks to focus on summer fun and learning -- yes it's possible.