Your child is struggling to learn - what do you need to know?

What does it mean when your child learns differently?  

Well, if your child learns differently -- meaning they have a possible diagnosis of a Learning Disability or Dyslexia or ADHD or your child may just be struggling to learn without these terms (which is fine too) -- then your child has an average to above average intelligence.  

Meaning they CAN learn and they can learn at a HIGH level!! 

But somehow this seems to be missed.  Somehow children that learn differently are viewed as children that can't learn as well -- when in fact they can learn as well but they just can't learn the same way.

This is what needs to be understood.  This is what needs to be supported.  Nothing complicated.  Find out what your child needs to support their learning, and offer that to them. 

Let's stop to ask how a child was able to learn so quickly in one activity yet not be able to achieve the same results in another task.  

Let's stop and watch to see where a child's learning seems to fall apart, and if they can tell you, ask them what is difficult for them.   If they can't tell you -- believe me --  they will in other ways, such as shutting down or stopping the activity or acting out.  

WE need to help kids understand how they learn and what they need to learn.  

Do we need assessments to help us figure this out? 

Yes, assessments to understand how a child learns is important -- but that's just one step towards understanding their learning, particularly in the classroom setting.  A test situation is in isolation, it doesn't combine all the factors a child is dealing with in the classroom -- and  honestly, if your child is already anxious about the test or assessment situation, the results may not be an accurate picture of your child's skills.

What do I need to know right now? 

You need to know that your child has abilities -- and is  capable of learning and learning well.  Hold that vision in your mind and tell your child they can learn, they just need to learn THEIR way.