School's out and everyone's's time to focus on a GREAT next school year!

I remember when summer time would roll around and I was finally free.  Free from the stresses of school and I could focus on what I liked to do.  This is needed for kids that learn differently, they need time away from stresses of learning but not really away from learning all together. 

The focus on summer, for me, is about summer vacations and time spent outdoors and time with your family -- whether that's a simple campfire in the backyard, kids biking outside while you are close by in the garden, or family meals outside at the BBQ -- it's about a change.  A shift that makes up all the memories of summer fun! 

But when summer for your child is more about escaping from the dread of school and learning -- then the focus on this time away from school can be about building up your child's learning confidence.   

As parents, we can still allow our kids to grow and focus on areas of their life that only come around during the summer months, in fact, this is needed! But as a Mom, it's also a good time to start planning for the upcoming school year. The focus is not about more school work but what can your child do to learn in a way that empowers them and makes them feel good about themselves.  

See the difference.  

Learning in a way that empowers them (focusing on strengths and abilities).  Not more school work based on fear. Fear of failure -- fear of being less than.  It's not the focus that your child needs.  They need to know they are making gains.  That they can learn and they will learn.  

I really want to know what Moms are experiencing this time of year.  What the school year was like for your child and what would you would like support with so the fall is not a time of dread but a time to see what your child can do when learning fits them!  

My goal is to hear from 50 people so please share this survey. 

I want to know what your world is like as a Mom that is trying to support your child's learning.  I want to know what your child is dealing with right now. 

So take a few minutes to share your thoughts ...and you might just see some answers coming your way in the near future! Start now

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