Seriously, what are my strengths?

Seriously, what are my strengths? Don't we all question this?

I was recently talking to kids at my local school about their strengths and how we need to look for them and use them to help us learn and move towards what we may be called to do! 

As we know, sometimes these skills are hard to see ...but sometimes they are very obvious!  

Let's look at a few strengths that people with learning differences may have:

1. Visualizing in 3D #design 

I really didn't realize my ability to see three-dimensionally until I started designing rooms in my house. I would stand there and visualize things sitting in the room or what it would look like removing the wall. I could see it! It wasn't a drawing --  it was in real life.  But for others to see what I was seeing, I would have to sketch it out in a three dimensional drawing so they could grasp what I was already seeing in my minds eye. 


I sketched out my whole kitchen design in a three dimensionally sketch, and then I handed it to the kitchen designer. After completing the details of the design with him, he asked me if I wanted to work for him. I didn't realize that this was my strength. It took a long time to see this ability and even realize that others could not view space in this manner.

I love design. I love beautiful things. Just visit my Pinterest board and you will see all the design boards posted.  As this is my strength and my mind loves walking through the visual world.

But this strength has not only helped me at home, it has also helped me with other visual design skills in my business.  I now realize  that this part of me needs to come out more and more -- as it allows me to 'show' others who I am. 

2. Imagination & Connections #Innovation

When I think of imagination I  think of kids playing and this is definitely true. You have to watch this video to revisit what imagination provides.

When you watch kids, you can see them exploring the world you can't see but your imagination continues into adult life! It allows adults to expand beyond what they see and this is the underlying part of being able to make connections that other people don't see and come up with innovative ideas. 

When I was developing my iPads at School Course, I started to realize the reason I could see what others may not be able to see was because of my learning difference and my imagination.  My ability to see a tool beyond it's intended purpose -- this has allowed me to expand how OT's develop skills and allow me to help more kids in the school setting.  

3. People skills #work together 

I loved working as a team when I worked in the school setting. Being able to tap into other people's strengths and use mine to come together -- and really help a child move forward was so rewarding. It was rewarding because you could work together and support each other as a team. I didn't realize that this was a strength. I thought everybody did this, until I realized it was something others commented on regularly. And that's why they wanted me to work with them. 

Now that I'm out on my own, my team looks different and its ever changing, but I still need people in my life. I want to support them just as they support me. 

Maybe learning to work with people is something I developed in my school years, as I needed their strengths to help me through the education system. I'm not an extrovert, in fact, I need time for away from people. But I believe I could see what others could bring to a project that was needed, which may everyone stronger.

Again, it was a strength that was difficult to see but if you watch or listen to others you will figure out your abilities.  So watch your child and listen to the teachers comments about how your child may get along with all kids - then realize this is their strength. And this skill is needed to make progress in the adult world!!  

4. Athletic ability  

The only strength that was obvious to me, was my ability to run or my athletic ability. Possibly because it was obvious to me and to others that I could run. That I was excelling in this area. It was this strength that led me to make choices around my education and led me to where I am today.

So even though I did not become a fitness instructor, I was able to tap into studying the human body which was very three-dimensional and step into the world of learning -- as well as becoming an advocate for learning differences which all started with identifying one strength! 


What strengths do you see in yourself or your child? 

P.S.  if you find errors in my writing...just know that I'm the real deal! :)

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