Learning differently. We might have things upside down!


We need kids and people that learn differently!  There.  I said it!  It feels good. 

When we offer kids the ability to see HOW they learn, this empowers them and they can feel good about themselves and how they approach learning.  I view this as the smarter way to support kids that learn differently.  As it's an empowering approach to learning that not only offers kids the ability to understand HOW they learn but it allows them to SEE that they can learn which helps KEEP their self-esteem intact.  

When we focus on learning -- we have to look at success.  We have to look at progress.  

Working smarter is really about learning in a way that fits your child, instead, they may be asked to continue to learn in a way that DOESN'T fit them which, of course is HARDER.  

And what does HARDER mean for kids that learn differently? 

HARDER = Learning gaps.

HARDER = Frustration.

HARDER = Loss of self-esteem and confidence.

HARDER = Seeing themselves as unable to learn.

HARDER =  Taking your child back up to the cycle of learning gaps, frustration and lower self-esteem.

(around and around we go!) 


Let's help turn kids right side up! And stop the HARDER CYCLE of learning.