Encouraging YOU! high school is next. Maybe it's time to learn your way

If High School is next in your school journey then this message is for you.  You may be doing "ok".  You might be getting A's, or B's may be even a few C's.  But inside you feel like you are not 'really' getting those grades because reading, writing or math may be hard for you.  You have some awesome friends that can help you get those assignments done...which is great but you feel like you are silently struggling inside.  

The fact is -- you are smart!   You just learn differently and because of this you have had to survive.  You have been using whatever strategy you could to help you get the grades you needed.  

Now you might not be getting the grades you want and this can happen too.  Either way -- you don't feel like you're smart.  AND you are wondering how you are going to make it through high school...let alone any other schooling like college or university. 

Listen to this message -- you are not alone and you can do this -- you just have to stop surviving and start learning your way! 

P.S. If you are a Mom that has just listened to this post and you feel this could be your child.  Ask them to listen and see if they feel this way and let them know they can learn with the right support.  It's time to tap into how they learn then they can step into what they want to be.