What do you do at a book launch?

What do you do at a book launch?  This was my number one question for the past few weeks.  And honestly, at one point in my life, I would have searched for the "right way' to have a book launch. I would have tried to fit into the box and not stand out because that's too risky.  

But through the process of writing my story and making the decision (again) to make a real difference in the lives of others, I decided to launch my book at home surrounded by family and friends.  The ones that could help me stand up and keep going.  

So with the gentle push of my family and other risk-taking friends (my Mastermind friends --  the Mullets , Jennifer Sparks, and many others), I started to create what I wanted instead of what "I should do".  So when people started to ask me what do you do at a book launch I said, "I don't know what you do at a book launch, but I do know what I want to do at MY book launch....and that's celebrate!   

And that's exactly what happened!  

It was a night time event at the Garafraxa Cafe.  It started earlier than expected 6:30 pm (instead of 7pm) and ended an hour after the planned time -- 11:00ish pm.  

Friends lined up so I could sign a book for them.  I received hugs and words of encouragement. The experience was honestly .....incredible, heart-warming, mind-blowing, etc etc!!  I felt SO much love and acceptance for what I was doing -- and this feeling has not left me.  

After my books were signed, I talked briefly about my book and my desire to support Moms not only across the globe but right here in my own community so that kids could see their learning ability through the support I could offer Moms.  

I then stepped off the stage to allow three incredible teenagers Isaiah Rogan, Nic Bossi, and Nicole Graham to step on the stage.  I asked them if they would join in the celebration and they did!

They showed up to support me and it meant the world to me because I want to touch the lives of kids and at this point, the tables were turned, and they were touching mine.

Shortly after, door prizes were handed out and the great conversation continued. We laughed, ate and finally it was closing time.

The snow was coming down hard that night and many of my friends showed up anyways. My husband loaded up my launch materials and my son pulled the vehicle up to the door.  I stepped out of the café with my two daughters beside me, after thanking the Kevin & Michele at the cafe for making the event so fun and casual.  

I knew from that moment on...this was just the start.

Thank you!

My family. My friends. My community.

What incredible book launch and celebration. xo  



Susan SchenkComment