Frustration at home? What can you do?

First, no one is perfect. Not parents. Not kids. WE are sometimes pushed to our limits.

So what do I generally do when my kids get frustrated and yell? Of course it depends what it's about but when it comes to school and learning.  I listen. 

Because they have so many feelings built up that they need to let them out.  

Yes, you can work on doing this another way but for now it's more important that they let you know their frustrations. If my kids are frustrated I want to hear what they have to say -- so I'm not so concerned with the yelling -- as long as they communicate with me. 

If your child is frustrated because of what is requested of them during their homework -- then they most likely don't have the tools and support to help them succeed which leads to frustration and possibly yelling -- which is what needs to be focused on.

Your child is most likely so frustrated at school and now when they are home repeating this same frustration - they can let YOU know because you are safe. Home is safe. Take it as a compliment (even though it doesn't feel that way!)

Do I think yelling helps?  Well, yes and no. It's a release and it offers a release of frustration and it still offers communication. Do I like yelling? No. Yelling can lead to anger and anger doesn't gets you anywhere.  But talking about it does. When communication happens the yelling stops. 

You can do this.  


Susan SchenkComment