Say Whaaattt? Accommodations or Modifications

Don’t you love when people throw around terms that make your head tilt -- ahhhh what?  

Terms like “accommodations” and “ modifications”  What do they mean and how are they different? They are different.  And they are terms you want to know. 

Accommodations are about putting in the strategies needed to allow your child to learn at their grade level.  Your child is accommodated to learn their way -- is how I like to put it!

Modifications is mostly about changing the level of work -- although there are times when the modification is about the amount of work offered (which is at your child’s grade level) I view this more as an accommodation as you are accommodating your child’s level of attention or ability to work through the material at a slower rate so less work is requested. 

When kids learn differently they require a different approach to recall basic skills and because of this they may appear as though they do not understand or have the skills which can lead to modifications or lower level work.  When the level is dropped they may be able to complete the work but their self-esteem can drop because they know the work is easier and on top of this, the gap between their peers and them get bigger!  And this is the start of a cycle that can get out of hand -- leading to kids working well below their peers when they have the ability to work at grade level with the right accommodations.  

Yes. Accommodations is the word we need to focus on. 

Accommodations are about strategies.  Strategies to help your child learn at grade level.  A way of learning that allows them to work alongside their peers.  Remember a few emails ago when I said your child is average to above average intelligence -- if they have a similar profile to LD or dyslexia -- then they have the ability to be working at grade level meaning a A-B student!  

Yes, I believe this is where kids that learn differently need to be with the right accommodations.  

I have watched this in my own life and the life of my children ...and other children.  

So if your child is offered modifications you need to know what that means and decide if that is what your child really needs.  And if you’re not sure -- you know I’m here to support you.

Your child has abilities -- to learn their way.

Susan SchenkComment