Shift Your Thinking: A Learning Difference Summit

The very first "Shift Your Thinking LD Summit" is now over.  It was on November 5th. And it's a day I won't forget.  A day where what I had envision for parents came to be.  I wanted a friendly, supportive, inspiring, engaging, safe and beautiful space for parents to gather to learn about learning differences in a new way.  And that's what I saw.

Honestly, I have watched too many parents walk around in despair as many negative aspects about their child's learning are reviewed with them -- and little hope offered in a way that allows parents to move forward.   

So when Sperry Bilyea approach me about creating a conference with her about my hearts desire to change how we view learning differences, I felt it was something I needed to do. 

It really is time to change how we view and approach learning differences -- and Shift Your Thinking LD Summit confirmed that!

Sitting on the lounge couches and chairs, parents talked opening.  The speakers also talked to parents and it was a place of hope and empowerment.  It was a place to share the 'bumps' they had experienced but also the hope that they could still empower themselves and their children. 

Parents need to hear that their children can learn and succeed when learning THEIR WAY.

Parents need to see experts that truly understand learning differences and what needs to be understood -- sot they can support their children in a way that allows them to reach their full potential.  

Shift Your Thinking is about offering experts that can say...'that was me'... so let's change how learning differently is viewed and approached!

The Shift Your Thinking 'movement' has just began -- and it is very powerful.