LD tip#2: Make it Fun

You are not a teacher when you are at home with your child.  You are a mom (a parent) and that's what your child needs.  Your child is a born learner...we all are.  So let's use this time at home to connect and engage with our children and offer fun ways to learn.  

So what can you do?

1. Take it outside!  

Is there someway you can learn outside?  Jump on the trampoline while reviewing the alphabet or make a hopscotch area on your driveway to recall the numbers from 1 -10. I know this is for younger children but I have been known to work on multiplication facts while asking my daughter to dive in the pool to get the sinkers -- why not?  15 mins of fun and learning.  That takes me to the second point...

2.  Keep it short and sweet!

Focus on the 'learning part' for a short period of time and keep it as fun as possible! You can get a lot done in 15 minutes.  If your child is done review the numbers on the hopscotch board - keep playing the game and show up again tomorrow. 

3. Keep it very specific!

Know what you want your child to work on and keep it very specific.  I mentioned working on multiplication facts while swimming but it wasn't random numbers -- it was one set of multiplication facts.  This way your child can see progress which is needed to help them move forward and for them to want to continue to work on learning these facts. 

4. Focus on what your child likes to do!

Do they like to use video to create tv shows or dances? Great.  Tap into this and use video to help them organize their ideas for writing.  Yup, it's a great way to work on ideas for writing.  Work on the structure of their ideas and then you scribe what they say on the video.  

Fun. Focused. Progress!!!

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Susan SchenkComment