Run Your Race! Find Your Strengths...

I was watching my daughter at track and field this week. And as I waited for her to race, I observed the kids around me. I became aware of the 'fear' that some kids were experiencing when they were asked to line up for a race.  You might say, "Of course, they were 'pumped' and ready to race!" But I could see something else.  There were kids there dreading the race. Dreading the fear of being last and what others might say. But this time it wasn't based on how well they could read, write or complete a math question--it was based on their physical ability.  

But thankfully the kids that dreaded track and field, only had to face it once a year.  But watching their faces, can give you a better idea what it's like to learn differently and have to face this type of 'race' every day.  It can be draining and tiring for kids. But this week was not as draining for my daughter.

Running is one of her strengths but unfortunately she had sprained her ankle just before the track and field week.  I felt like screaming...NO! This is the one thing she loves to do during the school year.  But she wrapped her ankle and ran anyways. 

Even with the discomfort of her ankle, she was ready for school.  She was ready to race and she was 'aiming' to win even when the odds were against her. I was so proud of her.  

I only wish she could run every day at school to allow her to see her 'strengths' --EVERY DAY!  She didn't do as well this year, but she still ran, and she connected again with a part of her that loved 'the race'.  There's a type of adrenaline rush that comes when you connect with your strengths ...and a new YOU emerges because of it.  

I could see her confidence coming up even though she didn't always win.  She knew that this was a part of her that could 'shine' again in the future without the sprained ankle.  

She ran her race ...and reconnected with her strengths!  

Susan Schenk1 Comment