When small things matter...

"As I wrote my (OT) reports, they began to reflect and focus more on my observations during my assessments and less the scores of the assessments.

I was showing how this child was coping and how they were able to complete the assessment at such a high level, but in the classroom they struggle. This was a true reflection of the “abilities” the child had, to use their strengths when they could.

My peers and co-workers started to comment on my reports... I soon figured out that my learning difficulties were starting to help me as a professional, to help kids that wouldn't otherwise be supported the way they needed to be. Not only did my assessments start to change, but the way I work changed.

I started working in a way that I had not observed... I started to see how skills had to be broken down into smaller steps... while other skills could be “jumped over” with the right support.  The challenge was to help others see how the very small things are actually “big” for kids who learn differently." from Beyond OK From Invisible to Invincible Book

Susan Schenk1 Comment