People Like Us!

I love music.  It can empower you, motivate you and inspire you.  I have a list of songs that I feel relate to learning differences or my story.

Some of these songs are about never giving up.  Some songs are about helping others to truly understand you.  Some are about the ups and downs that can come with the challenges of having others truly understand learning differences and what they are.  And some are about showing others what you can really do!  

People Like Us is a song from Kelly Clarkson.  Many of you have heard this song but when you watch the video, you get to see another side of what this song truly means.  

I truly feel that learning differences are misunderstood and that people that learn differently do feel like they are stuck in a black and white world.  I feel now that I'm in the same position as Kelly is in this video.  A place of truly understanding what the little girl is feeling and wanting to help her.  

Let's move into a world of colour and help kids see that they are awesome just the way they are! 

Susan SchenkComment