Who's the Expert in the Room? Your Child is!

I know many people feel they know the answers when it comes to what kids need to help them learn, but really the expert in the room is your child!  

Of course, they will need some help from you to begin with but once they know what THEY NEED to learn...they truly will be the expert!  

So what magical steps do you take to help your child become the expert? 

1.  Watch them.

2.  Talk to them.  

3.  Show them.  

When you connect with your child and start to understand where they become frustrated with their learning -- you and your child are discovering something BIG!  

But we are so conditioned to push our kids to learn in the same way as others, that they end up more frustrated at themselves and everyone around them.  

Sound familiar?  Keep reading. 

Let's look at the steps and what they might look like:  

Watch them:  Your child is learning to read.  You ask them to come and sit with you to read.  You might notice that they are guessing at the words in front of them and looking at the pictures for clues.  You might notice that they are mixing up the order of the words they are reading.  Or your child might just 'flat out' refuse to read.   

Talk to them: You ask them what's hard about reading the words in this book? Ask them if there's a different book they would like to read? Ask them if they would like you to read to them? You may then tell them what you see.  You read all the words correctly but in the wrong order -- I wonder why? You seem to guess at the words instead of looking at the first letter or sounding them out.  Is it hard to sound out words? You don't like reading do you...can you tell me why?   (Talk to them about what will help and what do they need) 

Show them:  After you get a clearer idea of what your child sees as the difficulty and you have a better understanding of their frustrations (they can't sound out words to read, the book is too hard, etc) then you can show or support them.  You can come to an agreement of how you will support them when they come across a word they don't know. You can read higher level books to them and ask them to tell you what will happen next or tell you what the chapter was about -- while allowing them to read easier books to you. You can show them the options of different ways to work on reading that allows them to be successful!!! (this is the key!!!)

When you approach supporting your child this way, guess what happens? 

Your child starts to figure out how they learn.  Why?  Because you are setting up different ways for them to learn.  You are giving them feedback and asking them to look at what is working and what is not. You are making them successful with their learning which empowers them.  They are using your support to figure out what they need!!   

This is how you create the EXPERT IN THE ROOM! 

When your child becomes the expert in what they need to learn -- they become more confident in their learning.  They start to advocate for themselves.  They do not wait on others to offer them what they need...they request it.  

So, do you want your child to be the expert?  I think we all do!


To learn more ways to support and empower your child -- you can sign up for my 7 ways to support your child when learning is hard or join my Invincible Mama Program that is starting soon!! 

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