What Can You Buy for Under $100.00?

What can you buy for 100.00 dollars-.jpg

This is the burning question around Christmas time, "What can you buy for under $100.00?"

So I thought I would see what was listed online by completing a Google search for kids, Dads and Moms and see what comes up!! 

Here are a few items to consider:  

1.   A Personalized Singing Teddy Bear

2.   Jumbo Talking Minion Dave

3.   Hog Wild Cow Popper

4.   Men's Leather Watch Case 

5.   Personalized Golf Balls

6.   Travel Destination Map {it might be on sale soon!!}

7.   A Tea for One Gift Pack

8.   5-Star Terry Robe 

9.   Family Rules Wooden Art

10.  Enrollment in the Invincible Mama Program

..which will offer YOU or someone YOU LOVE the support and guidance that is needed to help your child learn with confidence! This is truly a gift that is PRICELESS! Imagine going from having a child that cries or is frustrated during homework to telling you want they need to help them learn!  Yup, it's possible!! So for under $100.00 you can start the investment that will bring more peace to your household and joy to your child!

You can grab your copy the certificate below by clicking on the blue button.  After that just print it off and fill it out today {but don't forget to enroll!!

It can be YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS GIFT or GIVE it to someone you love -- for their 'priceless' Christmas gift! 

Now have a GREAT HOLIDAY and hum along or start singing this happy song!! 


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