What if a gift for you -- turned out to be the ultimate gift for your child?

I was sitting in the hair salon getting my hair done, when a young mom came in to buy a gift certificate for her mother. It was $100.00.

I thought to myself, we can spend $100.00 quickly when it's for someone else, which of course is the wonderful part of giving.  Just like when your child wants that special Christmas gift that's a little too expensive. You usually end up buying it. (somehow!)

But what if a gift that was purchased for YOU -- really ended up giving YOUR CHILD the best gift of all.

The gift of understanding how they learn.

The gift of allowing them to see their strengths -- and how they can maintain their confidence in learning.

And finally, the gift of allowing them to choose what they want to be -- because they are empowered and can truly see their abilities. 

This is a gift I want to give to Moms this Christmas.

The Invincible Mama Program: Moving Your Child Beyond OK early enrollment is open for YOU!

You will receive additional gifts when you sign up before December 27, 2015.

  • You will receive the gift of a 1:1 session with me --along with the office hours and group conference calls that comes with the Invincible Mama Program
  • You'll receive access to the Bonus Module right away! As well as additional gifts you'll find inside... such as a new 2016 Day Planner, my Favourite App List to work on various learning skills, etc. 
  • And you can select a five payment plan of only $99.97 a month. (and you can even print off a gift certificate to give to yourself or to give to others... to give to you because that happens sometimes!) 

So get the ultimate gift for your child, by giving yourself the gift of support, guidance and resources.

What are others saying about my support?  

"Susan is the first person I have ever talked to , including teachers, doctors, therapists, and ed psychologists, who actually understands the challenges I face with my daughter's learning.  I, like many parents, have a brilliant child who is not thriving in the school system, but isn't considered "high needs" enough to get true help.  It's a unique frustration that only someone who has 'lived it' can understand.  Susan is compassionate, and brings a parental and professional understanding to my challenges but she is also smart and really knows how to help parents truly empower their kids.  Susan is the best-kept secret for parents and kids with learning differences.  One conversation with Susan melted away years of built up frustration, felling like my daughters needs were not understood.  The world needs to hear what Susan has to say!" 

"I felt encouraged and validated.  Your clarification of my child's challenges, your confirmation of the strategies that had already been implemented and your further provision of strategies has increased my child's self-esteem." 

"I feel like my child made gains quicker, I spent less time figuring out what to do with my time and referred to the suggestions from Susan." 

Don't wait -- give yourself and YOUR child the gift of clarity, support and new insights!!