MamA start by telling your story

I know it's been a while!  Where have I been? 

Well let's make a list: 

Finishing my book (yes, it's ready to buy!). Check. 

Speaking at Shine Live and the LD Conference in Guelph (LDAWC Family Conference). Check

Running my kids.  Responding to texts (from my kids) and making supper (yup, for my kids... and my husband) Check. Check. Check.  

Working with awesome clients.  Check. 

AND getting my Invincible Mama Program ready for November! (not checked off yet) 

So that's what I've been up to (mostly).  

Oh, more thing!  I've been reading every Brene Brown book I can get my hands on.  


Because her books are incredible.

Brene Brown's books line up so much with the topics I review in my book and the steps I take in my Invincible Mama Program, that I'm even tempted to buy everyone a copy!

When I started writing down my thoughts about my learning struggles, I didn't realize how powerful the process of writing could be.  I just knew I had to get my thoughts out so I could truly accept myself so I could offer this to my kids.   

As I read through Brene's Daring Greatly book, I'm sure my jaw was dropping as she reviewed what vulnerability really was and how to combat shame.  

I then read about the power of writing and how it 'heals' you, as it can improve your physical health along with lowering your stress hormones.  

Daring Greatly helped to confirm many of my thoughts that come along with the shame of learning differently which I want to change by empowering others  (I will talk more about this soon).

I highly recommend you pick up this book if you are 'daring greatly' by supporting your child that learns differently or 'daring greatly' yourself.