There's a "Susan!"

A friend of mine, that works in the school setting, had read and edited the rough draft of my book.  Afterwards, when she was in schools working with various kids, she said that she started to notice something.  As she looked around a classroom, she started to 'pick out' the 'Susans' in the room.  

Really? I said.  
Yes!  she replied, as she told me how her eyes would now scan a room and she could identify kids in a whole new way.  "I could see 'you' in the kids!" 

She was able to see the silent struggles I described. 

I was in awe of how my words could offer the insight I so WANTED others to SEE and UNDERSTAND.  

It's SO important to really understand what kids with learning differences face and how they cope, in such a way that others may not even notice.  Or others may notice 'something', but it's not the most important thing to address (we can talk more about that later).  

A child may 'show you' what they think you want to see, but they are still struggling inside--yet no one really 'sees it' for what it is.  

A child could appear to be:


the class clown,

the rebel, etc...

As a way to survive and not face the shame they can easily face each day. 

I hope my story allows others to SEE more 'SUSANS', so the right supports and requests are made of kids--first, to maintain their confidence and self esteem in a 'safe' learning place.   And second, to let kids 'shine' by allowing them to really 'show what they know', without doubting themselves. 

Susan :) 


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