Please don't hate technology -- when it has so much to offer!

I hear people commenting about technology and all the negative aspects of it -- but I really can't join in.  As technology has so much to offer, particularly for people that approach learning in a different way.  

In my book, I talk about technology as it was slowly introduced into the school system -- and the joy that filled my heart to see what technology could offer kids with learning differences.  It was finally here, the 'thing' I was looking for all my life.  It was technology.  It was the particular software programs that offered so much hope!  I was ready to put this technology in place for kids-- and change the outcome for kids with learning differences. But this device and the programs were not completely understood --just like learning differences. 

Technology was viewed as a 'passive' way of learning.  A way for the child to 'cheat', as they were "not really" reading or writing.  Soon I would see the computer sitting and collecting dust--viewed as a waste of time or even worse, the student was blamed for not using the computer so it was taken way from them...when they never had a chance!
They never had a chance to gain the skills they needed and to really learn how to use technology as a skill itself.  
They never had a chance to see and hear the words they understood but couldn't read.  They never had a chance to type in a couple of letters and find a word they knew but could not spell.  
They never had a chance to learn how to use the software that could help them ...before they were so frustrated that nothing interested them but getting out of school.  
They never had a chance to show others what they understood! 

Yes, there have been many changes since then but not near enough. Technology and learning differences still need to be understood so we can put the right tools in place at the right time.   I will not give up on helping kids -- not just for the learning outcome but more importantly-- to maintain their self esteem and self worth.  

When kids start to understand how they learn and what they need -- they will have a bigger voice.  I' ve watched this happen and my heart sings when it does.  It's not just about technology but technology has a big part in this learning revolution that needs to take place -- because what we need is now HERE.  

I know 2015 will be the year for big changes in technology use and a better understanding of learning differences!

 This will be the year for my Beyond Ok: from Invisible to Invincible Book to launch! 

This will be the year for me to touch the lives of others through my new Beta Program called Beyond Ok: Mama Bootcamp!

  It's a 2 week program that empowers Moms to help their children 'Learn their Way"!   

There will be more about this first 'beta' group coming soon! But if you want to know more about it now, please contact me.


Susan SchenkComment