Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible

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… will offer insight into the world of learning differently through Susan’s experiences as a child, parent and an Occupational Therapist in the school setting.

What a wonderful book! So rich with honesty, insight and useful strategies.

I was amazed throughout by the vividness of your descriptions, beginning with your travels from kindergarten through early university. No one who has had any kind of school struggles forgets the angst of those years, but I found your memories especially moving and ultimately inspiring.

The detail recounting of your thought processes all along the way, of the critical need to understand how one learns, and how technology can help when utilized in the correct way was so instructive. And finally the chapters on your ongoing parenting journey -again so rich with candid and helpful insights.

And of course you covered all those essential elements required to succeed-persistence, support, resourcefulness, self-esteem, self -advocacy, strategies, and humor!

— Krys Kornmeier (Film Director) -- Normal Isn't Real