This photo was before...


my concussion

that left me lying on the couch

each afternoon and taking tylenol everyday. 

Before ...

my 2 daughters had intestinal issues

leading us

to a number of doctors and minimal support. 

Before ...

I realized how powerful food was

to heal your body and mind.


I realized what essential oils

could offer ME and my family.


I realized how high quality supplements

could offer me energy +  better health each day.


I realized how many toxins

were in my home and how I could remove them. 


I realized how health was so important when it came to learning differences.



Something had to change...

In order for me to move in the right direction.

One. Step. At. A. Time. 

One step... I knew I could get back up again.

One step... I realized I could BE INVINCIBLE. 

If I could do this with my learning difference I could do it with my health. It’s all connected anyways! Our physical, emotional and cognitive health.

And you my friend, can do it too.

One. Step. At. A. Time. 

One step ... without sacrificing your health & dreams for you and your child.

One step... towards being the Invincible YOU I know you are.