to be an invincible mama, means you can have less stress and more focus when it comes to supporting your child's learning needs

And I can show you how!  

wouldn't it be wonderful ::

~ to support your child at home with less frustration and tears and to direct others to support your child with confidence. 

~ to have a clear plan of how to support your child's learning, that works for them! 

~ to help your child work on their level of understanding, while still focusing on the skills they need to develop (you can do both!) to minimize learning gaps.

to have your child embrace how they learn and who they are, so they can show others what they know.


And what if this came from the ability to plan and empower your child instead of a place of waiting, blaming and stressing.


I'm Susan Schenk. {a Real-life Mom Strategist, Occupational Therapist, Founder of Technology & Tools for kids and author of Beyond OK from Invisible to Invincible) I've not only walked through this journey myself, I've worked with hundreds of Moms.  I know we want our children to succeed in school and with their learning, but even more importantly, we want our children to maintain their self-esteem and confidence in themselves! 


But...what is the reality right now? 


could it be...

::   You have tried to help your child but you and your child just end up frustrated. (Some days they seem to know the answers and other days they don't.  You can't figure out what is going on, but you do know they are unhappy and frustrated and would rather not go to school). 

::  You know your child needs support with their learning and school is getting harder for them but when talking with others, they state your child is doing 'ok'. And the supports are minimal.  

::  You have paid for assessments to find out about your child's learning and they have supported what you felt was true, but now you are left wondering how to help your child to minimize the learning gaps and allow them to show others what they know. 

::  You have additional supports for your child at school and after school, to help them but you are concerned that you are seeing minimal gains and you're not sure what each person is doing to really support your child.

::  You want to work on your child's learning, but you find yourself dealing with other issues such as trying to get your child to sleep at night, getting them ready for school without tears, and emotional issues such as anxiety or anger. 


This leaves you feeling alone, frustrated, worried and hopeless -- when you can't seem to figure out how to help your child.  


I know because I've been there.  

And here are some truths I've come to understand...

You are here because you want MORE for your child.  You want them to succeed and feel good about who they are.  

When you look at your priorities and values and question why you do what you do every know one of your highest priorities is YOUR CHILD!  

OK is not good enough!  

So what isn't working? 

:: There are tons of programs and approaches out there to support your child's learning (and maybe you have tried them).  And perhaps the results were OK but it doesn't seem to be enough.  If your child is working solely on the areas they have difficulties in, they can use their strengths to minimize the learning gaps or become empowered to understand HOW they learn.  


::  A Program may focus on one skill, but it doesn't address what your child needs right now to help them learn at the level they understand.  It is a delicate balancing act of working on both your child's strengths and areas of difficulties so you can give your child the progress and results they need to see. 


::  You may have supports for your child at school and in the community, but you are not clear on what your child is working on during these times and how they are working on these skills.  You feel bad that you are running your child from school... to tutors ....and then coming home to complete homework.  Your child is on a learning 'treadmill' with minimal results and you can't keep doing this every day. 


There are so many factors to consider when looking at your child and what they need -- but with the right plan and supports, you can make the best decisions to support your child's learning at home and school. 


Through my life experiences, i've been working on ways to transform how we approach learning that fits our child and maintains their self-esteem


I'm a Mom, just like you.  

And, as you know,  becoming a Mom is just the start to really learning many things about ourselves!

As a Mom, I flashed back to my childhood and revisited my learning struggles.  I then focused on the present, how I could help my kids accept their way of learning without shame.  And finally, I envisioned the future.  Where my kids would be empowered and have a voice for their way of learning.  

I walked through the journey of being a parent of three kids with different learning styles and how I could  best support them, so they could learn and be the confident person I knew they could be! 

I was able to use my training as an Occupational Therapist (with 20 years in the school setting) to allow me to move through the challenges we had to face while focusing on the priorities and skills they needed to develop.

 I had to look at what they were asked to do and why it was working or not working.  I had to look at what one setting offered that another did not.  All these skills as an OT were put into place for my kids.  

I started to break down the skills of each task, so I could figure out what steps needed to be supported to allow my child to succeed. My focus was not on grades but skills, self-esteem and empowerment.  I realized my own personal experiences (with a learning difference) allowed me to 'see' what my children needed, that others may have missed.  

But even with all this training and personal knowledge, I still had times I had to 'figure-out' what to do from scratch -- as there were no real answers in front of me.  No one person could offer the support or answers I was looking for.  

I also had times when I had to decide to focus on my plans for my child instead of the suggestions or thoughts from other professionals. As these suggestions did not take my child's strengths (or abilities) into consideration or the overall view of how they were learning or progressing.

Was this easy?  HECK NO!

I was concerned when my child was heading into grade one without knowing all her letters or numbers.  I had to get really clear on what needed to be worked on ...and how.  I had to consider what supports were available and what was 'right' for my child at that time to ensure she could see progress in her learning. 

I have gained so much knowledge from my experiences as a Mom (what it took and takes to support my kids, so they can be confident in their learning and in themselves) and as an OT, working with other children.  

And this is what I know:

~  it's important to have a clear plan and priorities set to help you focus on supporting your child

~  you need to consider your child's strengths and weaknesses when focusing on your plan

~  you need to direct others when they are supporting your child to ensure success overall 

~  you can empower your child so they can develop confidence and a voice for their learning needs

~  strategies can be developed at home before your child needs them at school.


As a result,

I have put the PILLARS that have helped me to support my children --to learn, be confident and have a voice for themselves -- into a program that will allow YOU to do the same.


and the invincible mama program was created!

A 6-week program was designed just for YOU!  It starts Monday January 11 and runs until Friday February 19, 2016. 

What's inside INVINCIBLE MAMA?

The Pillars


you will receive support to implement and put things into action  

::  You'll receive weekly Invincible Mama: Moving Your Child Beyond OK Videos and PDFs to review.  

::  Facebook Office Hours to ask questions or receive support

::  Weekly Group Conference Calls for 1:1 support

::  A Private Facebook Group to receive additional support from other members

::  And Implementation time to work on the modules

And of course, more sweet bonuses are inside!




 for this 6-week Program

enrollment is closed


Is this program right for you? 

If you know that you are the best support for your child (because you know them the best).

If you are willing to invest your time and resources upfront and now, to figure out how to navigate through the different strategies and supports, so you can offer your child what they need

If you are wanting to be clear about your child's priorities, for today, so you can be focused and less stressed about other areas you will focus on later

If you are as interested in your child's self-esteem and confidence, as much if not more, than their grades/marks.  

If you know that your child learns differently and you can see all the wonderful abilities they have to offer...

Then this program is for you.  

No more waiting

Let's do this together and make a difference in your child's life.


If you need to chat about the INVINCIBLE MAMA PROGRAM more before making your decision -- Click Here to contact me and we will set up a time to talk 1:1. 

Yup, it's that easy!

Susan is:

  • An Author :: I've completed my book "Beyond OK from Invisible to Invincible" 
  • A Speaker:: See my speaking events  (Learning Disability Family Conference, Shine LIve, Social Good Conference, Center Stage Live: Ted style talk)  
  • An Occupational Therapist and Entrepreneur:: I train OTs  across the globe through my iPads at School online courses at Technology & Tools for kids (which teaches strategies to help kids develop skills now -- instead of waiting!)
Invincible Mama will allow you to: 
  • be clear on what to focus on now and how to deal with other concerns --that may come up along with your child's learning concerns?  
  • know how your child may be 'surviving' in school which makes it hard for others to 'see' the difficulties? 
  • change your focus from grades only to abilities? (grades or marks can go up and down but abilities are there to move your child forward)

Join me and let's change how kids learn today!