these new support for you sessions are just being set up …thanks for your patience as I set them up! Contact me if you are interested — we can work that way as well!


Get Started


You don't have to navigate the journey on your own...let’s get started!

I'll be there to review and guide as you recap your child’s past and present challenges — along with all their strengths and victories. We will review your priorities for your child, and strategies to get you started on your road to progress.

Making a Plan


You’d love to get started and have some strategies in place but you also want to have time to come back to revisit what you have tried and maybe even add to this new plan!

I’ll be there to review, guide and offer strategies — and with our follow up session we can work through any new challenges or what needs a slight adjustment in the plan to make it work even better.

Work as a Team


I strongly believe we are better together...

You'll not only have my support to offer you insight into what steps to take to support you and your child — you’ll also have a session to follow up on our plan…and more time to dive deeper into any challenges you are facing at home or school. The more we work together the more you can become confident in your strategies and ideas to support your child!