The Invincible Mama Story

Nothing just happens -- the famous quote from TD Jakes. And he is correct.

Invincible Mama wasn't a idea I had for a program.  It wasn't what I thought all Moms needed so I would create it. 

Invincible Mama came from the words of a Mom that read my book. 

She stated that she loved my Beyond Ok from Invisible to Invincible book as it allowed her to understand her daughter more but she needed more of a 'how-to' as a Mom to guide her through the next steps.

I listen and I thought - I can do that.

I can back up and reverse what I did from the start and allow Moms to walk through these same steps so they too could support their child(ren) when the world in front of them was telling them something different.

The world of learning differences is still very foggy.  And I darn to hold a light up to help Moms navigate through and allow their children be who they are ...and learn in a way that fits them and empowers them.

I'm humbled that you are hear and I hope you will travel with me through my steps to allow you to feel that you are not alone and that you have all that you need to support your child.

Susan xx