What's been going on?

You've been through a lot.  More than you would ever tell anyone.  In fact you may have not thought of all the emotions and steps you've taken because (well...) you just had to keep going.  But in this program, we will throw on the breaks and start to review what you've been through and what it all means so YOU and YOUR child so you can both move forward.



Where do I start?

You might be LOOKING for answers and no one seems to be able to support you OR you might have SO much information that you are overwhelmed and you don't know where to start.  In both cases, it can leave you feeling like you don't know where to turn. We will walk through the process to help you find more insights into what your child needs or simplify what information you do have. 



When will I see a positive future?

Now it's time to put your fears aside and focus on what you believe your child is capable of achieving.  You can see their future for them until they can see it for themselves.  You will step into a space of positivity and abilities when it comes to your child and from there you will start to review a possible plan to support them. 



How does my child learn?

Watching your child learn in a way that doesn't fit them frustrates them and you.  You know what they are asked to do isn't working and yet you not sure what the answers are.  So you return to what others have told you and in most cases returned to the same process as before with more tears and less progress. We will review how to tap into your child's abilities to learn and what this might look like.  And how traditional approaches may not support your child now -- yet later on they may need little support to learn.  Is this possible?  Yes.  When YOU and your child understand how they learn. 



Who will empower my child?

It's not really about being an advocate.  It's about developing a voice that comes through understanding who they are and how they learn. We will walk through the empowering steps you will take to allow your child to develop their voice and confidence in their way of learning and it starts at home.