Let me encourage you and offer you some of my insights and support through my 3 videos + workbooks.


Here's what you will receive:



– 1 –

Your Child's Story


 You will work through the details of where you and your child are right now -- these facts are so important and they are what you will use when you step into Gathering Facts


– 2 –

Your Family's Story 


I know you are working on supporting your child but as they say it takes a 'village' or a family to support your child.  We will dive into the family story and where you are at with this part of the puzzle.  When you have your family's story you are getting ready for some powerful shifts!


– 3 –



Yes, it's easy to say A-C-C-E-P-T-A-N-C-E.  But it's a part of the process to step into the powerful part of being a Mom and helping your child.  It's something I had to move through and once I did I was ready for the next part of my role -- to empower my child!